Sir Alan Sugar on form

As an entrepreneur I think it’s important that we take the time to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs like Sir Allan Sugar. Take 2 minutes to let his wisdom soak in and lift your spirits this morning.

Steve Jobs May Not Always Tell Us The Truth!

This shocking story just in. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, may not always tell us the truth!!!!! Dun, dun duuuuuuuu!

Ok, so if you are involved in the Flash platform in any way then you already knew that. But, I came across more reckless ‘fact’ quotation from old Jobby which I thought I’d share with you all. The first ‘fact’ is about Nintendo and Sony, and the second one is about Google.

Read, laugh and take comfort that as Flash platform developers we are not alone.

PokerCoder 8 on Tuesday 13th July – Last few places

PokerCoder announced that the 8th Adobe sponsored Poker tournament was now open for registration a few days ago and there are apparently only litarally a couple of places left so if you\’re quick and qualify to enter then get along to the PokerCoder site and register pronto.

London Flash Developer and Designer Group meeting tomorrow night

If you didn’t already know, the London Flash Developer and Designer group, which runs out of South Bank University’s Keyworth building on the 1st floor, will be on tomorrow night and Iain Lobb (Flash games developer and speaker at FotB) will be talking about all things Flash Games. Not sure how good Iain is? Check out his site :) You’ll like what you see.

His talk will include:

  • Input and controls.
  • Cameras and scrolling.
  • Side-on VS top-down – 3D perspective.
  • Business models / making money.
  • Multi-user.
  • Blitting vs. DisplayList.
  • Frameworks and libraries that can help you.
  • Game design principles.

Iain is a great guy, has loads to say and is very experienced in this environment. So if you are a games developer or designer, or you just aspire to be, then sign up at the group’s Meetup site and come along. It’s easy to find, there are loads of enthusiastic people there and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the facilities.

And of course the talk will be great ;)

Moving to OOP – LFDD for intermediate and beginners

The London Flash Developers and Designers user group meets at 7pm on the 26th this month (that’s this Thursday) at the South Bank University. It’s just round the corner from the Elephant and Castle tube station.

This month I will be giving a talk on Moving to OOP. So if you’re a beginner or intermediate developer, or a Designer with an interest in the code that controls and enhances much of your designs and you want to know how to move to Object Oriented Development and Design then come along.

You need to register to come along so get to the site and click on the big red “Join us” button. or go direct to the membership page. You can connect with over 350 fellow developers and designers.

It’s in the Keyworth Center on the 1st floor. On the map, that’s building no. 10. (Keyworth Street, SE1)

The Keyworth Building

It doesn’t normally meet so late in the month but unfortunately there were extenuating circumstances. See you all there :)

London Flash Developer and Designer User Group

The Logic Bureau just posted on this user group. It’s not a new user group and though it has more than 350 members it is still relatively under the radar. I know I didn’t know about this group until a couple of months ago. They are an excellent group for beginners and intermediates, with incredible on site facilities like fully equipped developer/designer labs and lecture rooms available for the members, enabling them to not only hear great speakers but also to get their hands dirty in a work lab environment. There’s lots more but I won’t repeat what’s on the Logic Bureau site. Have a read and get along.

Microsoft Snow Leopard – 1 week on

No, that’s not a typo in the title. This level of unreliable install, broken functionality and application incompatibility…actually, strike that, application sabotage, is utterly Microsoftesque. I left the Microsoft world behind me, for the most part, because I wanted to concentrate on using my software and hardware to develop on WITHOUT having to be an engineer in order to do so. I don’t want to be able to guarantee that I will have to check through and upgrade all my software and drivers just because I update to the latest version of the OS. I don’t want to be greeted with a huge list of software than is no longer compatible, or worse, discover it for myself. Yes, I know that some of this is unavoidable, but at least with Apple the OS is usually written with the idea that ‘people’ have to use it and so it should just work. It’s one of the things I love about Apple. As a software developer myself, I know this is not an unreasonable request. It’s how all software should work and on the whole, how Apple software and hardware works.
However, this release, Snow Leopard, is as close to Microsoft OS upgrade stress as you can get. Actually I would argue that at least Windows doesn’t cause MS’s own applications to die. Take for example the very commonly complained about “application exception has occurred” error than many, many people are getting. The most annoying example of which, is when Mail (Apple’s own Mail client) crashes when I attach any file to an email. Dear God!! Surely, given the number of people out there complaining about just this (never mind all the 3rd party applications that crash), surely Apple must have tested their own applications????

There is speculation that with the imminent release of Windows 7, Apple wanted to be first to launch their new OS. Well, I just want to say to whom ever made that decision at Apple: You sir, are an idiot of the highest calibre. Go back to Microsoft, where that kind of approach is lauded as promotion worthy, or at least is an excuse to wheel out the Ballmer Chimpanzee show.

Apple on the other hand, don’t need to care about that. They produce the best products (hardware and software) and people love them because of that. I’d rather wait another 6 months to get the usual quality of product I have come to expect from Apple than have them launch before another manufacturer’s desperately unreliable product that I have no intention of buying, BECAUSE it is desperately unreliable. Please Apple, don’t forget why we love you!

Why the Time Line is NOT evil

It seems that recently people, good people, are coming out of the woodwork to point out that they might not always like to deliver their Flash Platform solutions as OO solutions. I hear the collective gasp of horror and revilement from the community of Actionscript developers who have spent years refining their coding and OO methodologies to a point where they can code in Java with little effort. I myself am one of those coders. However, I am forever using the term ‘Pragmatic’ when I speak to staff and peers alike. Look at the big picture. Not everyone wants a solution that takes 2 months to deliver because you have to develop redundant, reusable, unit tested OO code. Many clients want throw away solutions and have no likelihood of code reuse. The problem is that we’ve become enamored with the idea of perfecting and using only code. Anyone who speaks of the timeline does so with contempt and some even call for it’s removal altogether, suggesting that it is the province of antiquated, knuckle dragging wanna-be coders. Not like us ‘real’ coders. Read More…

Flash and Flex Magazine now FREE on line

Roll up, roll up. No not you sir. The excellent Flash and Flex Developer magazine that I semi regularly bang on about is now releasing back issues free on line. Their content is truly great, covering less for the beginner and instead catering for the more experienced developers amongst us. Take a look at the content synopsis on the cover or any issue and you’ll definitely find something more advanced that you wanted to learn.
Flash and Flex June 09

June issue Free for Download now

Augmented Reality Is Magic

In this case, literally. I normally reserve any card related mischief for the PokerCoder site, however, this sucker has it all: cards, magic and Flash based augmented reality. Check out Marco Tempest on the PokerCoder blog.

It’s magic!